When you have suffered a devastating fire on your property your mind might immediately go to ‘how quickly can we get things fixed and get back in?’ Although it is a completely understandable sentiment, it is incredibly important that the fire damage restoration contractors you hire follow the necessary steps to make sure that you get back into your home not only quickly but also safely. 

Step 1 – Assessing The Damage

An experienced fire damage restoration team near you will execute a thorough evaluation of your property to determine the extent of the destruction. Throughout that inspection process they will be looking for:

  • How much of your home or property has been damaged?
  • Did the fire affect the structural integrity of your home?
  • How much smoke and soot is there to be dealt with?
  • Have appliances or furniture been damaged due to heat?

During this walkthrough step, the fire restoration experts will catalog every detail from the top of the roof to the very bottom of the basement, making meticulous notes of the work that needs to be completed and preparing a repair contract that will outline what the cost will be to repair all fire damage for your insurance provider and for yourself. 

Step 2 – Secure The Structure

Some fires are superficial and only require a thorough cleaning from a qualified fire restoration clean up team, while others penetrate deep into the structure of your home, weakening its strength. When the latter is the case it is important to make the necessary repairs to the foundation, walls, and roof of the home to make sure that further damage does not occur due to the added stress put upon the structure. This also means dealing with holes that could lead to potential water damage during rain or snowfall.  

Step 3 – Remove Damaged Items

Our team of qualified fire restoration specialists will then remove any damaged items from the home including things such as:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Appliances
  • TVs, Computers, etc.
  • Toys and Books
  • Draperies
  • Carpeting
  • Drywall and other structural elements

When we can, we will salvage whatever is possible to be saved, however, at times there is simply too much smoke and soot damage and these items will have to be disposed of and replaced. 

Step 4 – Complete Cleaning

Before repair work can happen everything that is going to be saved must be scrubbed with industrial-grade cleaners to remove the soot and smoke damage. This includes walls, ceilings, floors, and more. During this step, we will evaluate whether furniture pieces can be cleaned and saved or whether they will need to be replaced. 

Step 5 – Repair and Restoration

Once everything has been cleaned, and soot, smoke, and lingering odors have been dealt with it is time to set to work returning your home to its former beauty. The fire damage repair stage can be quite labor-intensive, involving steps such as replacing drywall or flooring, repairing damaged electrical, installing new cabinetry, windows, or lighting, painting, replacing furniture pieces, and more. 

It is also during the repair stages that you might choose to renovate your home, upgrading what once was for something more modern, or laid out in a configuration that serves your family better. At Strong Wall Construction, we have years of experience handling not only fire damage restoration projects but also renovation projects. We can help you through every step until your home is exactly how you want it.

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