As a homeowner, it can be a scary feeling knowing that at any moment something out of your control could happen to your house. A fire, pipe burst, a tree falling or a flood. Most people don’t have the experience to deal with a unique situation like this and wouldn’t know where to begin the long daunting process of fixing these damages. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Strong Wall has streamlined a system to provide an easy and efficient way of doing the work with the homeowner’s best interest in mind. Below we’ve listed out our simple process.

Don’t Worry We Got You
At any inclination of damage in your home or thinking you might want to remodel, give us a call. Our team will schedule a time to look at the area, secure and mitigate against further destruction. Once the situation is under control, we will assess and document the damages to the property and your possessions. Not to worry, we have knowledgeable and experienced experts who specialize in removing and salvaging damaged contents. This is the start to a commonly scary process, but Strong Wall has got your back and will be fighting for the homeowner every step of the way.

Let Us Work on Your Behalf
Once you’ve filed a claim with your insurance provider, we will meet with your adjuster and write a detailed Xactimate estimate, as well as agree on repairs with the carrier. Our IICRC-certified team will inspect the structural integrity of the building and make sure there isn’t additional damage that could be found later after the rebuild.

Let’s Have Some Fun
The redesign process can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are unsure of the vision you have for your remodeled space. Pinterest and other mood boards can make for good inspo, but are usually stressful to achieve. When you work with our team, you will have knowledgeable designers to help guide you when choosing your colors, style and materials. Let’s make it fun and design a space that is even better than your pre-loss condition!

Let’s Do the Work
The final and most important step is to complete the rebuild to your satisfaction. Making sure you are feeling informed and of the utmost importance while we are working together. We will have our wonderful team schedule each part of the installation as we get closer and closer to the finish line. Once your project is done, we will have you sign a certificate of satisfaction to say that you are happy with the finished job. Our work is not done until you’re fully satisfied!

This Process Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Strong Wall has been able to help hundreds of families and businesses through this fearful time by using our straightforward efforts, transparent communication and trustworthy workmanship. We can help pave the way and make working with a contractor a little less intimidating. Contact our team today at 410-793-4040 to get your free inspection.