Restoration Services in Harford County

Strong Wall Construction has over 30 years of combined restoration experience, helping people throughout Harford County get their homes and their lives back together after suffering an unexpected catastrophe. Whether it be flood damage to a home in Edgewood, or storm damage up in Dublin, we are the insurance restoration and remodeling company you can trust. 

Situated at the most northeastern tip of Maryland, Harford County encompasses a large area of land between the northern end of the Chesapeake Bay and the southern border of Pennsylvania. And Strong Wall Construction is proud to offer top-quality property damage restoration services to everyone within this scenic region of Maryland. 

Top Insurance Restoration Services Near You 

We offer the following restoration services to people throughout Harford County:

  • Fire Damage Restoration – Fires occurring on your property are sudden, traumatizing events that can cause significant destruction. It is important when dealing with the repairs needed after a house fire to hire an experienced restoration company near you who can handle the job, whether it be structural repair, soot damage, or something else. At Strong Wall Construction, we work with your insurance company, assessing and documenting all damage, salvaging what we can, and beginning work as quickly as possible. Whether you are dealing with an accidental candle fire in your Aberdeen summer home, a gas leak fire at your Berkley home, or a kitchen fire at your Bel Air townhouse, we can help. 
  • Water Damage Restoration – Bordered by water on two sides, by the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay, residents of Harford County can find themselves susceptible to water damage in stormy or flood seasons. Water damage whether a minimal amount like a small roof leak or a major occurrence like a basement flood needs to be dealt with swiftly or mold will start to grow. At Strong Wall Construction, we are the experienced water restoration contractor near you which can help to ensure that the proper drying methods are being employed before the repairs are completed.
  • Storm Damage Restoration – Even when we board things up and prepare our best we can still end up having to deal with damage caused by a hurricane, tornado, or severe winter weather. Storm damage can come in the form of snow and ice seeping through cracks in the foundation, the strong wind of a tornado taking out windows, roofs, or even whole buildings at times, or a branch cracking and coming through a window. No matter what the damage, and no matter where you might live within Harford County, from Norrisville in the North to Poole’s Island in the south, at Strong Wall Construction we have you covered. 

Experienced Remodeling Contractor in Harford County 

We also have over 30 years of experience tackling home remodeling projects. Sometimes a remodeling project is forced on you when disaster strikes, other times it’s simply time for an upgrade, either way at Strong Wall Construction we have the skill and ability to help you see your vision come to life. From redoing kitchens, to remodeling bathrooms, we are the home remodeling company near you that can get the job done.